New Articles

I have written several articles this year. A few pastors have asked me if they could use them in their sermons. Please do. Type the title into the search engine. The article that has the links to Amazon to acquire The Little Church in the Big City, a unique Bible Study for churches of ALL SIZES in ALL PLACES entitled “Churches Rejoice!”

Other articles you might like to read are:

  • Orientation
  • 30 Reasons Attending Church Can Be Risky
  • Finding Jesus
  • The Perfectly Perplexing Puzzle
  • Why Ask Part One
  • Why Ask Part Two
  • Why Ask Part Three
  • Lessons for Leaders
  • A Mother’s Love
  • A Simple Thank You
  • Growing Your Church
  • Is Faith Delusional?
  • Male and Female
  • Mary’s Song
  • The Most Dangerous Sin in the Church
  • The Scandal of Self Identity
  • The Theology of Prayer
  • The Theology of Prayer 2
  • Thoughts and Prayers
  • What is Church?
  • Who is a Pastor?
  • Worthy Worship





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