‘The Little Church in the Big City’ A Small Church Approach to Big City Challenges

‘The Little Church in the Big City’ A Small Church Approach to Big City Challenges
by M.B. Bennett

“Patience is a virtue,” they say.

After 2 long years, ‘The Little Church in the Big City’ A Small Church Approach to Big City Challenges will finally be available for churches of all sizes. Most publishing companies are not equipped to publish curriculum, so I had to self-publish through Amazon. The curriculum should be available by the first of the year.

Why is this curriculum important for your church?

According to national leaders this curriculum “addresses some of the most troubling religious topics today: racism, immigration, pluralism, homosexuality and others.”

“Extensive biblical references offer an opportunity for church groups to study and pray together.”

“Too long we have waited for this must needed and well written work by Dr. Bennett. Her beautiful writing style keeps the eyes of the reader glued to the page.”

“Readers will treasure the insights that are shared from her rich experiences as a small church pastor.”

“With fairness and emotional maturity she calls each of us to practice the love ethic of Jesus.”

“May others be refreshed with spiritually enriching and thought stretching biblical lessons designed for personal devotional use and public theology practice.”

What is the purpose of this curriculum?

The purpose is to strengthen the spiritual core of churches of all sizes in all places, to increase the church’s ability to engage the culture in effective ways, to inspire the church to rethink their spiritual and missional purpose, to embolden the church to connect with neighbors who may think differently, to encourage people to practice effective communication, to urge people to apply their own skills for the well-being of their community, and to persuade the church to be in an ongoing relationship with another church. Check Amazon.com the first of the year to order a copy.

How can I help?

I will be announcing workshops for pastors and leaders who want to learn how to use this curriculum in their churches. Encourage your pastor and leaders to attend. Offer to pay their way.

The first workshop will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you can host a workshop in your area, let me know via this blog and I will contact you directly.


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